A lot to unpack / Всё сложно

Dance solo about being stuck between Moscow and Amsterdam.

Work in progress, 47’
Presented on 2/03/2022 at Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow.

too much in the head

Three dancers and a mentally unstable AI

Dance piece (52’).
2021, Amsterdam.

But I'm Just a Text

A duo for a dancer and an AI
(What if AI was an artist from a third world country?)

Dance piece (47’)
2020, Amsterdam.

Low Frequency (This Is Not a Podcast)

A choreographed conversation searching for lightness in the midst of the first Covid lockdown.

Online choreographic object (1 45’, durational).
2020, Amsterdam.


How to build a language with fake gestures, semi-abstract movements and let it all fall.

Dance piece (35’).
2019, Amsterdam.

Playing With Fire

Research for a dance concert
In collaboration with Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

2019, Amsterdam.


Radio dance piece (25’).
2019, Amsterdam.


Choreography of emotions.

Short movie (7’43’’).
2018, Amsterdam.


A dance solo that translates the state of human being after changing countries into movements and walls.

Almost site-specific (14’).
2018, Amsterdam.

Original Choice (Series)

Dance performance project (35-45’).
2017, Moscow

In collaboration with Nastya Kuzmina and Liza Spivakovskaya.

(Un)articulated Self

Dance-movie in collaboration with Nastya Kuzmina.

2016, Moscow.

The Wave

Dance installation at Contemporary Art Museum Garage, part of SOTA@Garage festival programme.

2016, Moscow

Train Leaves On Schedule

Dance theatre piece (50’).
2016-2018, Moscow.


(please, do not dance)

a play
2013, Moscow